Stress and Anxiety and Burnout, Oh My! Have You Tried Hemp for Self-Care?

Upset stomach. Headaches. Irritability. Tense muscles. Low energy.

If you’ve experienced these symptoms as a result of stress, you’re not alone. According to a recent Gallup poll of more than 150,000 Americans, stress levels are at their highest in a decade. As a society, we’re feeling stress, anger and worry at an alarming rate.

One way to address these feelings is with self-care. But between demanding work hours, the kids’ sports schedule and that never-ending list of yardwork, who has the time?

We’ve ignored self-care for too long and the effects on our health are serious. Self-care is often thought of as an escape, when in actuality it should be a way for you to create a life you don’t need to escape from.

Using hemp for self-care is a simple way in which you can focus on your health and well-being. Looking for more details on self-care and how you can begin to incorporate hemp into your routine? Read on.

Why Self-Care is Important

Self-care is any action deliberately taken to improve emotional, mental or physical health. Practicing self-care can help you better regulate your emotions, learn how to be kinder to yourself and others as well as restore your energy.

The self-care industry is estimated to be worth $11 billion, but at the end of the day, self-care doesn’t have to cost you more than a bit of effort and commitment.

Self-care exercises and activities can include:

  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Moving your body in a way that feels good
  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Improving time management skills
  • Becoming more assertive
  • Avoiding burnout
  • Turning down invitations to reduce stress

This is certainly not an exhaustive list of suggestions as there are dozens of other ways to practice self-care. Among our favorites? Incorporating hemp into your routine.

Using Hemp for Self-Care

Hemp contains cannabidiol, or CBD, which is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that doesn’t produce the ‘high’ that’s often associated with hemp. Instead, hemp-derived CBD helps provide support for overall health and wellbeing.

Hemp-derived CBD can be delivered to the body in multiple ways, including topical creams, salves, lotions, vapor and edibles. Each method has its own unique advantages but what’s most important is choosing a reputable CBD vendor that offers pure and effective products. If you need guidance on how to find your ideal hemp product, check out our blog post on the matter here.

4 Ways to Practice Self-Care with Hemp

If you’re ready to make hemp-derived CBD part of your self-care routine, here are four suggestions from the Azuca team:

  • Massage – Whether you ask your significant other or have a professional knead away muscle tension and stress, this is one of our favorite ways to treat yourself and practice self-care. If you’re someone who has trouble tuning out the rest of the world when it’s time to relax, an edible, like Azuca chocolate coins, can help you get more from your massage experience.
  • Bubble Bath – A claw foot tub overflowing with bubbles is the perfect way to end the work week and spend a little time focusing on your wellbeing. Consider sipping on an Azuca-infused herbal tea to enhance your soak.
  • Friends Night In – Spending time with close friends is a great way to slow down and enjoy making memories. If you want to keep the party mellow, serve up a variety of Azuca-infused mocktails while playing a trivia game or planning a friend-filled summer getaway.
  • Netflix Binge – Put on your sweatpants, sprawl out on the couch and get started on that series you’ve been wanting to watch from start to finish in a single weekend. No viewing marathon is complete without snacks, so consider adding some berries and cream sprinkled with Azuca sugar to the menu.

Using hemp for self-care is a beneficial way to relax more often, listen to your body’s needs, and practice kindness towards yourself. To be effective, make self-care become a habit, and schedule self-care routines into your day if you’re struggling to remember. As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup so take care of yourself in order to help others.

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