Azuca’s partnership with Abercore featured in Benzinga’s weekly cannabis roundup

Edibles brand Azuca announced plans for international distribution via a partnership with Abercore, a sugar and sweetener supplier headquartered in the U.K.

Abercore will market and distribute Azuca’s hemp-derived CBD products, as well as its TiME Technology, to both retailers and food and beverage manufacturers throughout Europe.

“What we’re seeing right now is explosive growth in the CBD market both domestically and abroad. There has been a boom in demand for CBD in the states, and that level of desire is equally as high for CBD on the global scale, which makes this an opportune moment to expand Azuca’s reach internationally,” Azuca president and CEO Kim Rael told Benzinga.

“Partnering with Abercore is an excellent way to educate consumers on the power TiMETMTechnology, and we look forward to engaging with new audiences, manufacturers and potential retail and wholesale partners.”

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