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—Individual Hemp-Infused, Fast-Acting Sugar Sticks

 Now Available—

COLORADO (October 31, 2019)—Leading culinary CBD and edibles brand Azuca today announced the release of its single-serving, hemp-infused organic sugar sticks. Available online at, the sugar sticks are sold in packs of 6, 12, and are also available in dispenser packs of 60 for retailers and others with each serving delivering 25 mg of hemp-derived CBD. These first-of-their-kind sugar sticks join Azuca’s hemp-infused product line of fast-acting infused products, including bulk sugars, simple syrup, and dark chocolate coins.

“In today’s world, everyone is on the go, and now Azuca is too,” said Ron Silver, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Azuca. “With Azuca’s sugar sticks, people no longer have to choose between being able to relax or getting on with their daily life. They can run errands, travel anywhere and get things done, while still being able to enjoy Azuca and feel the benefits of hemp-derived CBD. All it takes is a quick stir in your beverage of choice—no measuring necessary.”

Azuca’s TiME™ Infusion process makes cannabinoid molecules water friendly, and enables faster uptake, beginning immediately in the mouth and avoiding the liver where cannabinoids are degraded and absorption is slowed. Typical products on the market take up to 90 minutes to kick in, but Azuca’s are made to take effect within two to 15 minutes of consumption.

Leveraging this patent-pending infusion process, Azuca produces chef-quality edibles noteworthy not just for their taste but their high bioavailability, and controllable, easy-to-dose nature. The new sugar sticks are especially easy to use, and their pre-measured packaging is appealing to both CBD beginners not sure where to start, and with enthusiasts seeking more convenience for their mobile lifestyles.

“Individual sugar sticks are an exciting next step for Azuca to showcase its rapid onset culinary technology. Azuca is setting the standard for product innovation in the hemp CBD industry at large,” said Kim Rael, President and CEO, Azuca. “People are often unsure of how much CBD they’re taking, leading to confusion and even stigma. These single-serving sugars are the ultimate way to increase transparency and reduce the guesswork when it comes to hemp. Stay tuned while we continue introducing reliable, fast-acting and easy-to-dose edibles to market.”

The sugar sticks, along with the rest of Azuca’s popular sweeteners and edibles are now available for purchase at


About Azuca

Azuca is a privately held, investor-backed company which commercializes its own line of chef-quality, edible products. Using its patent-pending TiME™ Infusion process, Azuca encapsulates cannabinoid molecules making them easy to metabolize and more “water friendly,” for a predictable and controllable experience every time.  Azuca’s hemp-derived CBD products are sold online at Azuca’s THC products are available in Massachusetts at Mayflower Medicinals, Verilife in Wareham and Triple M in Plymouth and Mashpee. Follow Azuca on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.