A Thanksgiving Ode from Azuca

(Published November 22, 2019) The recently launched infused turkey gravy from Kiva Brands, Inc. allows for fast-acting THC absorption. The secret sauce? Azuca’s TiMETM Infusion process!

Azuca edibles are innovative on their own, but what really sets the brand apart is its TiMETM Infusion process, which makes cannabis molecules more hydrophilic (or water-friendly), allowing them to bypass the liver’s detoxification process and quickly activate the endocannabinoid system. Translation: fast-acting, potent and evenly dosed edibles. Regular products on the market take 90 minutes to kick in, while Azuca takes 2-15 minutes.

I started Azuca to help solve the edibles problem of proper dosing. There is a gap in the marketplace for controllable and reliable edibles. I am humbled that we have the opportunity to help other companies formulate edibles that are understandable to their consumers.

We pride ourselves on partnering with other major retail brands to power their products and put more consistent, fast-acting edibles into the universe.

Happy Thanksgiving!

-Ron and your Azuca Family