premium edibles

Treat yourself to hand-crafted, small batch cookies and confections made with the best ingredients. And if you’re creative in the kitchen—or simply like more culinary control—you can mix our chef-quality sugars and sweeteners into your own drinks and recipes.

Azuca helps you feel and live better

By bringing together revolutionary science, plant-powered wellness and culinary inspiration, our innovative method takes wholesome, thoughtfully-sourced ingredients and delivers beneficial CBD and THC in their most precise, pure and delicious form.

Azuca Sugars

Precise, pure & delicious

Infused with cannabinoids, Azuca Sugars are precise and reliable—making it simpler than ever to find your personal perfect dose. Ideal for microdosing, these unique sugars can be dosed as low as 1mg of THC, so you’re in complete control of your experience. And all Azuca Edibles are created by a top chef, so their taste and texture will elevate any recipe you want to make or bake.

Azuca Syrups

Inspired infusions

Real fruit. Sugar. A pinch of citric acid for tartness. Made to mix effortlessly into drinks and recipes, our hand-crafted syrups never contain more than 7 ingredients. Compared to the average flavored syrup on the market, you’ll find Azuca Syrups to be quite a bit more wholesome and incredibly delicious. And because Azuca Syrups are faster-acting, you can serve them socially and they’ll take effect in a few minutes, instead of hours later.


Superbly simple

Not all shortbread cookies are created equal. Azuca Shortbread Cookies are tender, buttery and not too sweet. Hand-cut and baked in small batches, we make Azuca Shortbread Cookies small enough so you can enjoy more than one—the ideal cannabis cookies to share and savor.

Azuca Chocolate Coins

Darkly delicious

Chocolate coins, reimagined for the grown-up palate. Azuca Chocolate Coins are artisan-crafted from 61% cocoa, premium dark chocolate, then individually wrapped in shiny gold foil. Perfect for an everyday personal indulgence or shared, to make any gathering a festive occasion.

AZUCA Pate de Fruit

French perfection

Azuca Pate de Fruit are our version of the classic Pate de Fruit candies—the colorful candy gems you’ll find displayed any fine French candy store. Azuca Pate de Fruit candies are made with our own real-fruit syrups and other natural ingredients, for the freshest, most vibrant flavors. Always made with pectin, not gelatin, they’re also suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Azuca Stevia Drops

Sugar-free sweetness

For people who avoid sugar, we made Azuca Stevia Drops. Sweeter than sugar, this diet-friendly sweetener doesn’t add calories, and is ideal for Keto and Paleo lifestyles. Mix Azuca Stevia Drops into drinks and recipes for a splash of sugar-free sweetness.